Cutie Pies By Sarah Pet Grooming has recently relocated to the wonderful City of Winnipeg.  Cutie Pies was established in Edmonton on January 1, 2009 and the owner, Sarah Larson has been a groomer since 2002.  

Located in the west end of St. James in Crestview, Cutie Pies offers a specialized grooming service. Consistency in quality and care will always be priority and your pet will always be greeted and pampered by the same groomer.  Pets are welcomed into our family home and treated like one of our own.  We have a fully equipped pet grooming salon in the lower level of our home.  Appointments are scheduled one at a time (unless a party of 2 or more come in together) to ensure a fully present groomer and to get your pet happily back on its way home to you in a timely manner!  

Sarah has worked in many fast paced and high volume salons and now knows the joys of working from home!  A peaceful and much quieter environment isn't only great for animals, its amazing what it can do for a groomer as well!

Looking forward to meeting you all in this exciting new city! 

Cutie Pies By Sarah. Winnipeg Pet Groomer.           

67 Wharton Blvd. Winnipeg, MB. R2Y 0S9