I've been working hard for the past three years to establish my business and thankfully, I have made it.  I'm busy, but not so busy I can't enjoy life.  I have been booked a week or two out and thanks to the mild winter we've had, I never slowed for the months of January or February.  Thank you everyone!  I am no longer in the yellowpages (boycott!)  so I'm working harder on developing a better web presence.  Hence the changes on the website, and more action on the facebook page.  Please do leave a review on google, yelp or facebook if you are happy with the work I've done, and I can even handle some constructive criticism :)  Tomorrow I have a professional photographer (jordan verlage photography) coming in to photograph the salon and me working on the dogs.  Stay tuned for a slideshow coming soon.  I have also decided to no longer be shy and this summer I will participate in Avenue Goes To The Dogs.  Its a great festival held in my neighbourhood every year.  It is fantastic to see how much this community has improved and continues to.  I am a definite proud home owner and business owner in this community. 

In other news, I will be attending a two day seminar held by Amelia Kincaid.  She is an animal communicator, or a psychic if you will.  I've done my research and she seems legit.  She is teaching her methods over the course of two days and I'm very excited to hopefully learn a new skill.  In any event, I do think it will be beneficial whether I come out reading your pets' minds or just having a slightly better understanding of the four legged family members we have. 

Also, I will be getting married this summer, not that it will change anything work related!  Just thought I'd share!  We are very excited.  If you haven't met the other human that lives at my house, his name is David!  He usually stays out of sight though but I will be dragging him along this summer to the festival.  In a sense, its his business too.  I'm lucky I have a man that can handle dog hair! 

I will be updating my blog on a weekly/ bi-weekly basis, and I hope I actually will.  Its the worst when you have the best of intentions to do something and you just don't do it!  I enjoy writing, I love grooming, so this is the perfect outlet.  Keep checking back, and I promise there will be worthy content.