I have a great relationship with so many of my clients and lots of them know more intimate details of my life.  Its almost impossible to not share when I welcome 5-6 clients into my home every day :)  But here's a quick update to let you know whats new and what that means for Cutie Pies!

In the summer of 2012 I married that boy from Saskatchewan who owns that roughriders barbecue some of you give me grief for :)  You may have met him or you may meet him one day!  His name is Dave and he loves all doggies just as much as I do, otherwise I wouldn't have married him :)


We spent last year living care free and calling 2013 our Yes Year.  Our goal was to say yes to everything, go anywhere and try new things without worrying about money, time, energy, etc.  We knew we wanted babies eventually and we wouldn't have this opportunity to be completely selfish again.  I went alpine skiing for my first time ever at Marmot!  I did 40 days of yoga everyday at 6:30 am at Lotus Soul.  I ran my first 5k.  I signed up for rec league dodgeball and kickball and had never been on a sports team before.  We went to Mexico, Las Vegas, Seattle, house boating on the shuswaps.  We filled our summer up so much and spent every cent we made that by September of 2013 I was craving winter.  I couldn't wait to be snowed in and do NOTHING. 
We decided to start trying for a baby sooner than expected!  September nothing happened.  October came and went.  November we got our good news! 

Currently I am 32 weeks pregnant with a little girl :)  I plan to work til the end of July and take the month of August off as I'm due August 7th.  I've been getting asked if I will continue to groom now that we have started a family.  OF COURSE.  Working from home and starting a family has always been the plan.  And now that I have another human to care for, an income is even more necessary :) 

In September, Cutie Pies will be open again.  I will be working part-time around my husband's work schedule on evenings and weekends.  And I'll also be welcoming another groomer on a part time basis during the weekdays!  She isn't just any groomer, she is one of my best friends and has been grooming for 7 years!  Her name is Corrina. 

I'm more than happy to have her grooming my furry clients as I know she will care for them like her own and do a good job at making them look their cutest!  She is a dedicated and passionate person.  You will like her, and so will the dogs, I promise.  I will be working the reception with the baby so don't hesitate to book with Corrina and come meet the baby :)  As for my full-time return, it wont take too long as my husband and I are planning for him to take a parental leave as of December 1st so I will be back just in time for the Christmas rush :)