As of April 15th I have become a Winnipegger!  I was born here but moved before I could remember anything but I am amused that I have returned with my 8 month old daughter to my birth place!  We are excited for my mom to visit so we can retrace our steps 32 years ago. 

At the moment I am in the process of applying for my business license.  It is a lot more involved than the City of Edmonton home based licensing so I have a little bit of work ahead of me.  I've ordered some business cards and have updated my website and am eager to get my salon renovations on the go!  I hope to have everything done by June 1st. 

I have another home based dog groomer on my street and the commercial areas within walking distance are littered with grooming shops but I have my own niche and my own style I'm sure will bring pets to my door :) 

I cannot wait to get back into it!  When you work in the grooming industry for over 12 years, its strange to all of a sudden not have any appointments booked!  This change is a little welcome though as I get to focus on my daughter and setting up our new home. 

The next few months should be interesting as I launch a new business in a new city!  Wish me luck!