All my life I have had an animal in my house and sharing my bed at night.  When I was younger, one of our cats, Angel, had a litter of kittens that she kept in our bedroom closet.  One night I decided that I wanted to share my bed with all those newborn kittens.  At the time I didn't think much of it beyond the sheer joy of having multiple cats in my bed, but looking back I see that two extraordinary things happened (or didn't happen for that matter) to let me fulfill my heart's desires.  1) My parents never said no.  They allowed me to do what I pleased with these kittens and I was only 7 or 8.  And 2) Angel allowed me to do this.  She never moved her kittens either.  I believe part of the reason I came to Earth was to spend time with animals and make friends with as many as I can. 

Now I have two dogs and a cat to call family. 

Bridget, my spaniel x was born in 2006.  She came from a home in Drumheller, AB.  She spends a lot of her life grumbling and trying to act superior to me so I'm convinced she was a dinosaur in a past life.  I've used this excuse to bypass the need for formal behavioural training.  Alas, she is my faithful companion and I know if we were ever navigating in a post apocalyptic world together, she would never leave my side.  One of my favourite things to witness in this life is seeing her happy and active.  Bridget also answers to Boopty, Boopter Juice, Maboop, Boop McGoop and Boopterrific.  

Pearl came to us right after we moved into our house.  It was a funny thing because after we bought the house and before we moved in, daydreams of cats dwelling here were daily occurrence.  Within a month of us moving in, Pearl also took up residence in our cute little stucco home.  Pearl was staying with a friend of mine who's previous roommate had abandoned.  Her name was SWEETIE... so you can see that things were in dire straits for this poor feline.  :P  It took her well over a year to warm up and get comfortable with us, but her slow blossoming into our family was a delight.  Every night she comes running to bed and we headbutt and purr together.  Pearl also answers to Pearline, Purrolator and Pss Pss Pss. 

Iggy was the result of an impulsive decision made on a beautiful 2010 summer day where there is no such thing as a bad idea.  Then it rained and when it rained, it stormed.  Iggy has Aspbergers.  I looked it up and its undeniable.  When you arrive for your appointment, you can't miss him jumping incessantly at the french door smearing his boogers and toe jam all over the glass.  He is why Caesar Millan was born.  The only thing that saves me from packing up his $hit and heading to the SPCA is the fact that he is wildly romantic and he fits like a puzzle piece in my lap or by my side.  He is the best movie watching companion.  He also does a lot of clumsy stuff that makes me laugh hysterically.  I keep him around for my own amusement.  Actually, Iggy was vital in this family.. He was destined to join and unite us.  It was Iggy that made the effort to include Pearl and bring her out of her shell.  He truly was the missing link.  Iggy also answers to Iggterman, Igtoe and Iggy Piggy Diggy Man. 

Wow, writing about them was so much fun!  I hope you enjoyed reading about it...  They are with me almost all the time, so I thought they deserved a post of their own.  Oh yes, and Iggy is a Boston Terrier crossed with  Yorkshire Terrier. I get asked a lot!  :)