Who doesn't love puppies!!!  I love it when my day includes a puppy groom.  I especially love grooming puppies when its their first time visiting a groomer.  I like to be that groomer.  I feel honoured to introduce them to the process and do my best to make it relaxed and as enjoyable as possible!  Regular professional grooming will become a big part of your dog's social life for years to come.  The sooner they make that first visit the better :)

It is best to come in before they're in dire need of a groom..you know, before they're bumping into walls and sweeping your floors :P  The perfect first visit should be as stress free as possible.  A quick nail trim, a peek at the ears to make sure nothing funky is going on, a soothing dip in the tub (in a perfect world), fluff dry and a clean up of their shaggy ends.  Then the next time they're a bit more prepared for the routine and then we can introduce that dreaded clipper!  

For those puppies who are especially shy or timid I can also accomodate a private grooming session (without the presence of other dogs in the salon).  Just make sure to let me know and I can schedule such an appointment accordingly.

Last week I had the privilege of grooming Kilian, a 5 month old shih tzu/yorkie cross.  I've included a few pics here of him enjoying (or enduring) his first visit.  He was very tolerant of me and my poking around and we got a nail trim, an ear cleaning, anal gland expression, a bath, dry, sanitary trim, paw trim, and a face, ear and tail trim in there! He went home happy and delighted to see mommy again :)  Thanks Lindsay for letting me post Kilian's adorable pics!

Rub a dub dub Kilians in the tub!

Almost done with the dryer :)

Bathed and dried and ready for some scissor action!

Lookin handsome Kilian!  Just gotta clean up that beard of yours!

Kilian heading home, and happy to see mom.  Hope to see you again soon!!