Cat grooming is available at Cutie Pies!



1. If you are clipping a cat it must be done SAFELY.  Cat skin is very thin and can tear easily.  For this reason I prefer to groom cats with a helper.  Someone to hold the kitty while I stretch and clip the hair.  At Cutie Pies that person would be you, as I work alone. 

2. Cat grooming needs to be done quickly.  While there are definitely some exceptions to the rule, a cat's tolerance for grooming is short.  I aim to be done in less than 45 minutes and hopefully no more than an hour. 

3. Grooming a severely matted cat can be done safely but because matting causes pain and damage to the skin underneath, there's no way to predict how a cat will react to the grooming process.  It is much easier to nick the skin of a cat who's coat is matted to the skin.  Please be aware of this, as Cutie Pies will not be held responsible for any injuries resulting from trying to help your cat. 

4.  Any cat showing a high degree of aggression will be sent home and referred to a veterinary clinic that offers grooming services.

5.  Cutie Pies does not and will not groom a sedated animal. 

6.  Grooming a cat safely, quickly and confidently is a specialized skill that not all groomers choose to learn.   Prices reflect this and are as follows:

Bath and Brushout; start at $65+tax

Lion clip/Full shave with NO bath: :$75+tax

Lion clip/full shave WITH bath: $100+tax

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