Grooming plays a vital role in the overall health of your pet.  Regular grooming will help to prevent certain health problems and can detect potential health concerns sooner than later.  Every dog should be introduced to the grooming process at a young age so they can become comfortable making the visit every couple of months.  Even the short haired guys that don't need cuts can benefit from a regular nail trim and bath.  A clean dog is a happy dog and cuddled more!

I take pride in quality work and schedule appointments to ensure that your dog or cat is properly pampered and styled to perfection.  Any style you’re looking for be it a bath and trim, a clip (shave), scissor cut (puppy cut) or breed specific styling, I make sure to do it right.  That is my trademark walking out the door and my job is to have happy dogs who have never looked better heading back home to their families.

 I enjoy trying new products all the time.  I do have my trusty standby's that I never stray from but I love to find equipment and grooming products that make the job more efficient and safer or the finished groom more beautiful.  As always, the products I choose to use are always safe for the skin and coats and made from natural sources whenever possible. 

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